The United States and Europe have decided not to allow Chinese and Russian Covid vaccines to enter the country


The United States and Europe have decided not to allow anyone vaccinated with the Chinese and Russian vaccines.

Iceland has officially announced that it will not allow anyone vaccinated against the Russian vaccine Kovis.

At present, most people rely on imported vaccines, while in Hong Kong, Chinese-made synovae and German-US co-producer Faisa-Bionate are available.

Recommendations that Kovis be vaccinated in the future international tourism process will also be important, and that only the Chinese-recognized Sinovik Kovis vaccine is recognized by China.

The United States and Europe have denied entry to the country if they have not been vaccinated, and the Chinese and Kovis vaccines have not been accepted by the United States and the European Union as safe.

Most Chinese are involved in business matters. Chinese nationals often travel abroad for educational and travel purposes, and now Chinese nationals who want to travel to the United States and Europe will have to inject Fiaz and Bionte.

Reference: South China Morning Post


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