The reason behind the Pokémon factory case regarding child labor in Burma


There are child laborers all over Rangoon in all walks of life.

Donors around the world are shouting at a 12-year-old waiter at a tea shop to light a cigarette and enjoy a cup of tea. Is it fair?

Child labor also requires the law to provide protection when it is necessary to do so, as parents are unable to provide for their children.

I think only the law can stop the angry mob that can come anywhere in time if there is a problem in Burma.

I have no plans to write about this problem, but I do know that I am a child laborer in Rangoon because I have ears and know the beginning and the end of the process.

If nothing happens, nothing will happen. The problem with Pokémon is that the child could not stand being beaten by his employer and his sister was so frightened that the child called for help from the police and called the police to the camp.

Once upon a time, at a son-in-law workshop, a teacher was arguing with me because he broke his forehead when he did not do what the student told him to do. They did not have a problem with each other.

It was stored in the house, there was a pillow, there was a basement, there were children, there was a putrid odor, there were blood stains, and so on.

I found nothing. The people and the media were not happy about it. They ordered the whole house to be demolished. Pokémon put in a human being.

The crowd grew larger. In fact, the angry mob, which did not know where it came from, then crashed into cars and the police started to cause trouble.

If not, the house and car will be set on fire. The police will take the culprit to justice and proceed according to the law.


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