Than Htet Moe Thein and Kyaw Htet Zaw who went through Christmas alone without going anywhere


Fans’ favorite MRTV-4 actors Than Thar Moe Theint and Kyaw Htet Zaw shared their orthodox images with fans in memory of Christmas. The images of the two of them, who have received rave reviews from fans through the MRTV-4 series, are truly delightful.

Kyaw Htet Zaw shared pictures of the couple on his social media page with the caption, “Are there any people passing by alone at Merry Christmas?” Fans are very much in agreement with the two and have been asking questions about when they will be dating.

Agreeing fans want to see the two of them as a couple as soon as possible. For the fans who love Kyaw Htet Zaw and Than Thar Moe Theint, here are some pictures of Orotal Christmas couple.


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