Myo Min Soe said that he donated the rice at home because he wanted to donate without any plan


Designer Myo Min Soe is a successful and good-natured designer. He also holds a degree in philanthropy. Unexpectedly, I donated rice from home.

About 31 workers from the township who paved the road in front of my shop today were given one bushel of rice and one bushel of rice. I made a small donation of 10,000 kyats (10,000 kyats) for bottled water for 31 people without any plan. “I did not know in advance that the road would be paved, so I was sorry that I did not have enough rice to buy because I did not have enough rice to buy.”

Myo Min Soe makes donations every day and makes donations where needed. This time too, I donated rice to the city workers at home, and he is really generous နော်


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