Lin Lin, who is trying hard to sign a new album because of his fans


Fans are cheering as a big rocker, and now a new album is coming out. Lin Lin’s album “Immortal” is an album that was released five years later.

Fans who had been waiting for Lin Lin’s music creations cheered him on as soon as he placed the pre-order. I am proud that it is still going up. So, I will sign as many orders as I can until the 28th. Can I order only my own people? Can I sign day and night? We have not met yet, ”Lin Lin wrote on his Facebook page.

“I have a three-day leave of absence from my teacher. The two children were also sent home to their grandparents. “Come on, come on. There are three pictures like this. I have already signed up,” he wrote on Facebook. I think the fans are jumping to hear Lin Lin’s new songs…


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