Irvine made a surprise on Memorial Day with a jewel that I once really liked


Irvine and Myat Yat Na Kyaw are among the artist couple that fans love. They already have a daughter, love each other day by day, and are envied by others.

Irvine made a plan to make Myat Yat Na Kyaw’s heart skip a beat on Memorial Day. Myat wrote about it on his Facebook page: When I arrived at the shop, the flowers were arranged, so I thought to myself, “This is not a bad thing.” After a while, I went downstairs to take a picture, and while the photographer was taking pictures, the boxes in the kdrama came up. Thank you for accidentally buying a pair of earphones that you have been saying you love for a long time and asking for a surprise. Father of three daughters. ”

He also shared pictures of the two of them having dinner on a cool evening and Surprise the headphones. Surprise your friends with a pair of earphones that they once said they liked and make them happy on their anniversary.


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